Wednesday, October 7, 2015

No Sewing Machines Were Harmed During This Project...

Since my entryway bench was such a huge success, I was ready to get started on the chair seats at the kitchen table (around the corner and down the hall from the newly recovered bench), as well as the window and door treatments, with the same fabric as the hall bench. I am totally enamored with the fabric and can't wait to get it done as we I move closer to getting our home ready for the real estate market sometime within the next few years.  Yes, please don't judge. I do what I can while married to a man who has never been a handy man, has no physical labor skills of any kind, and doesn't like to spend money. Ever. It's always been a challenge but since I really do like the guy (as well as love him), I have to do what I can on my own.

Yes, these chairs and the table are approximately 28 years old, but we haven't wanted to buy anything new until we move. At that point, we're going to sell more than half of the furniture we own and start over with the things we like now, as opposed to what we thought we liked more than 35 years ago. 

No, of course we aren't ready yet but it's getting a *smidge* closer to fruition. My hubby hired a man to do the outside painting but he fell off a house while helping a friend of his re-roof their house, hurting his back. That was two months ago. Uh-Huh. Why is it always like this with my hubby us?  This man has now been painting the exterior of our house for ONE ENTIRE YEAR. He started painting the exterior in July of 2011. Someone please shoot me before I end up in the looney bin!

The last time we had the outside of the house painted (15 years ago) the hubby hired a real mental midget to do the painting (he was cheap to hire, okay?). Furthermore, he spent most of his time ogling me through the windows as he painted. Thus, I gave him the name *Cassanova*. This old guy would do all of the painting with his shirt off, which completely grossed me out. Big Ewwww! He also left razor blades wherever he dropped them after using them during his prep work, making for quite the enormous cleanup job (which was my duty since I didn't want the kids stepping on them, right?). Not a good experience at all, but I was really the only one that had to endure his creepy presence.


I am so ready to get this show on the road. I need some peace in my life and I'm not going to get it until we move from this house that works us to the freaking bone. The hubby claims that he loves yard work, but frankly, I know better. I'm weary of him putting his back out and not being able to play golf (or do anything else, actually). I am so NOT ready to be an old fart, with an aching back, feet and who knows what else. I've got a lot of living to do and I don't want to do it in this house that's killing me to keep up with.

All this having been said, I thought I'd mention that there is absolutely NOTHING on the real estate market to interest me at the moment. I mean absolutely nothing I would even consider going to see, much less putting a bid on, so I guess things are going according to plan. HA! Honestly, I'd hate to come across *the perfect place* when we don't even have ours ready to sell yet, right? However, we are in a total seller's market right now due to the recent Oil Boom. We live in a city that survives on the oil business. Currently there is an available housing shortage due to this oil boom so even if we could sell our house, we'd have no place to move. No apartments, no rentals and very few houses.

At this point, people are living in what is being called a *Trailer City* of sorts. It's full of high end RV's with who knows how many people living in them. Apartments, condos, and houses are being built left & right, but it just hasn't been enough. Obviously, we need to get our house on the market. Pronto!

This household is definitely a work in progress at this point and I'm on a mission to move on with our lives as *empty nesters*. I want to move on to someplace else. Not here. Wish me luck....


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