Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Goodwill Table Turned Into Stunning Bedside Table For My Daughter

A few years ago I bought two really ugly side tables from Goodwill for $10.00, so when our daughter finally got a job as a lawyer, she got her first apartment living alone. She mentioned that she needed a bedside table for her tiny apartment and I knew exactly what I'd do. She picked out a gorgeous bluish turquoise and bright gold for the hardware and I got right to work. The table was truly UGLY before I started.

Anyway, I removed the hardware, sanded it, put a primer coat on it, and began the process of painting it. My daughter made the mistake of saying she wasn't in any hurry for it so I took my time, making sure I did it right.

I finally purchased a rolling plant stand that I put under the table so I wouldn't have to move to paint each area. I merely turned the table as I went along painting. So much easier on the body.

Six long months later, I finally finished the table, by which time my daughter was to the point of desperate and had been ready for the table since last month. I told her she shouldn't have told me she wasn't in any hurry. Ha!
Now the table has gone to Austin to live with our daughter, who loves her new bedside table.

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