Friday, July 20, 2012

A New Look For The Front Door...

No matter what I hung on the front door after Valentine's Day, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted something classic to pull everything together once the front door had been painted by Mr. Molasses (my nickname for the painter) and the front porch is totally dirty after high winds (with blowing dirt) that never seem to cease. Apparently, blowing dirt and a drought go hand in hand together, as I'm pulling my hair out trying to keep anything at all clean.

I also have new door hardware to add when the locksmith finally has time to come install it. Then, I'll unscrew the old brass mailbox, sand it a bit, then paint it black as well. 

However, I'm hopeful that the exterior of  the house will be finished by Thanksgiving. A year to paint the exterior of the house, you ask? Umm... Not my decision, okay? You'd think we lived in a mansion for it to take this long, right? Wrong. So wrong. We just have Mr. Molasses. The. Bane. Of. My. Existence.
 So anyway, I spent an insane amount of time making my new (brown) coffee filter wreath. This time, I avoided blisters on my fingers by buying a not-so-hot glue gun. It worked like magic. I'm a total fan. I went through two large packs of brown coffee filters before deciding it was more than enough and I frankly didn't care whether it was or not. I. Was. Done. 

I didn't take pictures of the process this time so I'll show a couple of pictures from the last one I made since it's exactly the same as the one I made last year. And yes, I'm lazy like that, just so you know.

I'm still working on another wreath for the new guest room because I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of the first one. Yes, I'm stupid picky like that. I also bought a huge amount of unbreakable Christmas ornaments after Christmas and made another ornament wreath, which I have no idea what I'm going to do with. Really. 

I can't wait to see what everyone else has done this week! Oh, and I'll be sure to show pictures again after I get the hardware done....

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Comeca Jones said...

Beautiful I have been trying for a solid year to get this project right ugh! Your entry looks great!