Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Putting The Sass In Sassy....

We met for the first time at Goodwill and it was a pretty sure bet that no one else wanted her. This table was once a small computer table that had seen better days but still had the pull-out shelf for the keyboard. Not that I wanted her for that purpose, because I didn't. Still, I liked the way she looked, regardless of the amount of work and she only had a $10.00 price tag.

So, against my hubby's orders, I dragged home yet another piece to be finished by Moi. I had a vision and attacked the process with everything I had. After finally removing the sliding shelf and sanding, I was ready for the fun part. The spray painting part, of course.

I used Rustoleum Ultra (2x) "Colonial Red" spray paint and I'm cuckoo over the color. For some weird reason, I especially like it with the Mocha Latte (Behr) walls, white woodwork and black and white bedding. So, I decided to be lazy and not change out the piece of plyboard on the back side. It has an oval cutout hole (for running wires to and from the computer) and rather than have a piece of ply wood cut to size, I decided to just cover it with fabric on the inside, which was a total FAIL. So, I'll be fixing that problemo at some point in the near future.

Anyway, I finished the table with a nice glossy varnish, which makes it ever so much easier to clean. It also just looks prettier with a nice shiny finish.

However, the Toille fabric I used to line the interior's back, looks totally ridiculous, so I will remove it and fix that whole thing at some point, but this is how it looks for the time being....

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