Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Perfect Halloween Wreath...

Living in West Texas means everything outside gets dirty and if you try to keep outdoor things clean, you'll simply drive yourself batty, so to speak. I had made a wonderful coffee filter wreath earlier this year and no matter how many times I put the vacuum to it, it just got dirty again. It was also beginning to house all manner of spiders and bugs. While that can be pretty scary, it was really just ugly.

After all the glue gun blisters and time spent making the wreath, I wasn't about to toss it in the dumpster.

So, like every good crafter, I sought out my trusty can of black gloss spray paint. Within minutes, I had a totally new wreath and killed/covered all the creepy crawlies in one fell swoop.

I didn't want passers by to think we were mourning the death of someone, so I decided to add a little mini pumpkin. Necessity truly being the mother of invention, I finally decided to attach said pumpkin with 2 long wooden skewers. Once the skewers were securely in the styrofoam, I clipped them off with garden shears. And, because I'm OCD this way, I then colored the ends of the skewers with an orange marker. Yes, I did. Don't judge.

Lastly, I added some orange glittered ribbon to hang the wreath with. I really love the way it looks, don't you?

The big black feathery thing is my new witch's hat, which I adore, plus a little Halloween vingette just inside the front door. See if you can locate the the creepy fingers.......

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