Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Not Really Sure Where I Want To Go With This Blog Yet...

I haven't decided where to go with this blog yet. I just knew I wanted the name, so I leaped at it while I still could. This name grabbed me as hard as Snooty Primadona did, so it must mean something special, right?

Anyway, I figure my whole life has basically been fandango, so what an appropriate fit... I'll have to think long and hard about what I want this to be, before it evolves. Last time I just jumped in feet first, so I want to take my time with this blog, and make a decision before I do or say anything. So sue me.

Anyhoo, it will definitely be after the first of the year in 2010 before anything develops here, so stay tuned.


Clippy Mat said...

what else but the life fandango would the snooty primadonna live?
good luck with this new blog. looking forward to seeing it develop

Snooty Primadona said...

Awwwww... Thanks Clippy! I didn't even think anyone would see it yet, lol. I just grabbed the name while I could. Since I'm doing the NaBloPomo thing until the end of November, I will not be likely to post anything until after the first of the year.

But Thank You for finding me!

Beth Dunn said...

Keep me posted. I'm in love with Snooty primadona but I'll follow you anywhere! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Fabulous :)